• DIY Flow Switch

Ideal Domestic Flow Switch for Turning on Shower / Bathroom Extractor Fans or Water Pumps.

For 15mm (615) or 22mm (622) Pipes

This flow switch is installed in-line in normal domestic 15mm or 22mm copper pipe, and can be connected to the mains supply.

When it detects flow it will switch which can then switch on an extractor fan or turn on a water pump.

This switch can be used for any application where you want to switch anything on and off when the flow starts or stops in domestic or industrial applications.

Main Features

Supplied complete with compression fittings

SPDT (C/O) contacts

User adjustable between 0.8 - 1.5 Litres per min on 15mm version

User adjustable between 1.5 - 2.5 Litres per min on 22mm version

1m of 3-core cable

WRAS approved (Drinking Water )     

Maximum operating pressure - 8 bar static 

Maximum operating temperature Liquid - 85 deg C

Minimum operating temperature Liquid - 5 deg C 

Maximum ambient temperature - 70 deg C

Minimum ambient temperature  - 5 deg C

Maximum operating voltage - 250 V

Current rating - 16 A Res (4A Ind) 

Enclosure protection - IP54

Download Datasheet

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Installation Notes


Always disconnect from the electrical supply before making any adjustment. Suitable for use with water only. For use with other media please ask.

  1. Note the correct flow direction through the ‘Flow Switch’ is indicated on the top of the blue housing. The ‘Flow Switch’ may be mounted in any attitude in the pipework.

  2. Water passing through the ‘Flow Switch’ should be clean and free from the solid particles exceed- ing 50 microns. The use of an upstream straine.r of appropriate mesh size and suitable limescale preventative is recommended.

  3. When connecting the ‘Flow Switch’ to pipework, the copper pipe should not protrude further than 5.0mm from the olive. Care must be taken not to permanently distort the ‘Flow Switch’ body by use of excessive tightening force.

  4. Both the capnut securing the ‘Flow Switch’ head to the body and the microswitch screw are factory tightened and must not be unscrewed.

  5. The cable gland fitted to the enclosed model must not be unscrewed. Connection to the electrical supply should always be made in accordance to the current IEE regulations and by qualified personnel.

  6. All pipework should be fully earth bonded to IEE regulations.

  7. If any adjustment is required, always disconnect the ‘flow switch’ from the mains electrical supply

    before making any adjustments. A 1.5mm A/F Allen key is required. Remove the sealing bung from the blue housing. Screwing the socket head screw in a clockwise direction will compress the control spring further and increase the rate at which switching occurs. Reversing this action will reduce the flow rate at which switching occurs. Care should be taken to avoid extremes of adjust- ment which would allow the control spring to be over compressed or disengaged. 

Download Datasheet

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DIY Flow Switch

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